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My Market is the unique online shop offering 100% French products (dry, chilled, and frozen), with an unbroken cold chain from farm to fork!

In partnership with nearly 80 brands, My Market provides more than 400 products ranging from frozen meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, dairy products, snacks, desserts, beverages, baby food…and yet more to come! We are continuously developing new partnerships to provide the most complete offering and become your first partner in your daily groceries with the best value for money!!

My Market selects responsible and sustainable brands that are committed to taking action for animal welfare, food safety, and environmental sustainability. My Market works directly with the producers or factories to ensure a consistent supply of quality and complete traceability. All our meat has the quality label “viandes de France” which ensures very strict control and production process to guarantee their quality, freshness, and taste.

Why shop on My Market?

  1. Affordable and quality daily products
  2. Delivery within 2 days in most HK districts (from Monday to Saturday)
  3. Flexibility: Choose your preferred delivery date and time slot
  4. Free delivery for orders over 750HK$ or self pick-up in our warehouse in Chai Wan
  5. Unbroken cold chain: SF express, our delivery partner, ensures controlled temperatures for chilled and frozen food during the transportation
  6. Awarded loyalty: Cumulate your orders and reach a loyalty status to benefit from up to 15% off on all your orders!
  7. Deal and promotion every week!

Why buy frozen meat, fish, and vegetables?

  1. Convenience: as they have been cleaned and cut, minimal effort is required on your end regarding their preparation.  Storing frozen food also offers convenient backups for whenever the time is crunched or dinner ingredients are scarce.
  2. Ensured Freshness: Frozen meat, fish and produce are gone through flash freezing (or snap freezing). This industrial process consists of rapid cooling at very low temperatures, which retains their textures and flavours while keeping their essential nutrients and vitamins, unlike domestic freezing.  Indeed, if you freeze food at home, Water contained in products is transformed into large ice crystals that break the food cell wall, which can alter food textures and flavours. Also, the products lose more water and thus more nutrients during thawing.
  3. Nutrient-rich: Thanks to freezing technology, frozen food is nutritionally more reliable than fresh as freezing prevents sensitive vitamins and nutrients from being lost during transportation (up to 45% of lost nutrient value while spending days or even weeks in transit from a farm to a store, then to your refrigerator.) Fruits and vegetables, especially, are flash frozen within just a few short hours following harvest during their peak ripeness, locking in key nutrients.
  4. Year-round enjoyment: Frozen food provides you with a vast selection of seasonal ingredients all year round, such as seasonal fruits, veggies, or fresh-caught fish.
  5. Budget-Friendly: Frozen products are often cheaper than similar chilled or fresh food and are just as good as they are preserved quickly.
  6. Reduce food waste: Frozen food also lessens the risk of throwing both food and money away as you use only what you need – which means it’s good for your pocket and the environment!

From our office in Chai Wan, our French team is at your disposal for any questions, requests, and suggestions.

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