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Chicken Roasted Rillettes - Rillettes De Poulet Roti

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Authentically good.

Weight: 180g
Storage Temperature: Dry
Origin: France


Authentically good. No added flavor, no coloring or preservatives. Roasted chicken rillettes in a pot are naturally prepared. First it's 90% French poultry meat, a little onion, sea salt, pepper, condiments and the rillettes are almost ready. Few ingredients and authentic taste. There remains the deliberately slow and long cooking to promote consistency and smoothness.

The french traditionnal chicken every Sunday.

The chicken pieces are cooked with their roasted skin. As a result, the rillettes have the characteristic flavor of roasted chicken in a pot. Henaff invented the Sunday's chicken spread! Take out the rillettes before tasting them. Their flavor is increased tenfold at room temperature.

Chicken meat* (95%), duck fat*, onion, sea salt, pepper, seasoning. * Origin : France. Poultry, nothing but poultry. Roasted chicken rillettes are "plain" at Henaff. All that's left is to taste!