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Organic Crème Dessert Caramel Beurre Salé

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Weight: 40g
Storage Temperature: Dry
Origin: France
Cane sugar powder preparation for intense chocolate cream. The bag allows to make 4 creams of 125ml. Instructions for use : Put the dose in a saucepan. Gradually dilute by adding 500ml of milk. Cold dilution of the powder before boiling. Put on the fire and stir until complete boiling. Continue cooking for 3 minutes. Pour into selected ramekins. Let cool. Place in refrigerator and serve chilled. For an even smoother dessert, you can replace some of the milk with full cream.
Chocolate powder*° 41% (cocoa*° 70% mini., cane brown sugar*°), cane brown sugar*° (31%), skimmed MILK powder*, corn starch*, gelling agents: carrageenan, agar-agar*; whole EGGS powder*. * Products from Organic Farming.