European Blue Lobster Meat Half Tail

European Blue Lobster Meat Half Tail

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120 g

The European lobster, also known as the Brittany or blue lobster, is the fruit of artisanal fishing methods using lobster pots at a depth of less than 50 metres in cold the European seas. Carefully selected by fishermen for whom the long-term sustainability of the species is always a major concern, it is caught and brought aboard the boat alive in the lobster pot. Renowned for the blue colour of its shell, it is also very much appreciated for its exquisite, delicately-flavoured flesh. Perfect and very easy to cook and pan-fried for the festive season, it will seduce your taste buds.

Characteristics of our frozen blue lobster:

  • Average weight per pack: 120g, shell-on
  • Tender and ultra-fresh with a unique sea salt flavour
  • Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C until the expiry date mentioned on the pack or keep refrigerated for 24 hours before consumption
  • Serve: 1


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