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Discover our tasty, light, and fresh tomato soup.

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Origin: France
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Discover our tasty, light, and fresh tomato soup. No preservative and no additive. Very savory with 100% french vegetables. Cooked in the South West of France. Natural recipe.

How to eat it:
Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish dish with raw vegetables (tomato, cucumber), garlic and olive oil. It is the perfect cold soup to eat as a starter or as an appetizer during hot summer days. You can have it in verrines or in a large bowl.

Typical recipe:
You can enjoy it in a large bowl with topping like croutons which are grilled slices of leftover bread seasoned with olive oil and garlic.

Tomatoes (35%), water, cucumber,  (15%),  red peppers, onion, vinegar (sulfites),  garlic, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper. Vegetables from France