Black peppercorns from Kampot in Cambodia - Mill

Black peppercorns from Kampot in Cambodia - Mill

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EXCEPTIONAL - STRENGTH 5 - STRONG This pepper is grown and produced as part of the Fair Farms operation with sustainable development in mind. With its PGI (protected geographical indication) label, this unique pepper has quickly become an essential ingredient for some of the greatest French chefs. Grown since the 13th century, this pepper is produced in the region of Kampot, located between the ocean and mountains in the south-east of Cambodia. Kampot pepper is a rare ingredient. Known as one of the best types of pepper in the world, it is today considered a unique and exceptional item. It is picked when the peppercorns are green and then dried in the sun.  With a more powerful flavour than red Kampot pepper, it has the classic strong and spicy flavour of pepper but with a subtle taste. This pepper has the perfect balance of flavours with fresh notes. It can be used crushed or ground. This pepper mill is practical for the dinner table and in the kitchen with two openings (at the top and bottom) allowing you to fully appreciate the quality of the freshly ground peppercorns. 

This pepper is perfect for everyday use as it goes with all types of dishes. It tastes great with grilled meats or sauced-based meat dishes.  Goes perfectly with sauced-based dishes (Ossobuco, beef bourguignon, stuffed cabbage, paupiette), roast poultry, barbecues, tartars, sauces and dressings, fresh strawberry salads, foie gras, boiled or scrambled eggs, cheese fondues, raclette cheese, etc.


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