Liver Pate - Pate De Foie

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The combination of a traditional recipe and fine Ingredients.

Weight: 78g
Storage Temperature: Dry
Origin: France
Expiry Date: 07/06/2025

The combination of a traditional recipe and fine Ingredients..

This is the secret of Henaff's Bleu-Blanc-Coeur liver pate. Tasty and full of flavour, this pate is the ideal partner for your picnics.

Authentically superior.

Henaff's liver pate stands out from the rest. It is instantly recognisable due to its low salt content and the quality of its liver, which ensures the recipe's taste and authenticity. Result, a deep flavour redolent of the land. Another point of quality is the decision to use fresh products as binders (milk, eggs). Not forgetting a hint of spices coupled with a sprinkling of sea salt.

Smoothness day after day. The popularity of Henaff's liver pate also lies in its soft, smooth texture. Two qualities that will liven the taste buds of lovers of impromptu aperitifs organised between friends, or family picnics. This recipe will delight the palate with its simplicity, all year round.

Pork fat*, pork liver*(34%), milk, cream, shallot, Guerande sea salt (0.9%), garlic, spices, seasoning. *Origin France