Chocolate Fondant with Crème Anglaise

Chocolate Fondant with Crème Anglaise

Preparation time: 
10 min
Cooking time: 
30 min
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For the Chocolate Fondant:

  • Alsa Chocolate Fondant Cake Preparation
  • 3 Eggs
  • 125g of Butter

For the Crème Anglaise:

  • 1⅛ cups whole milk
  • 1⅛ cups heavy cream
  • ½ cup sugar, divided
  • 4 egg yolks



For the Chocolate Fondant:

1. Preheat oven to 180°C. 

2. Pour the Alsa preparation in a bowl.

3. Add 3 eggs and the softened butter. Beat the preparation for about 1 min with a whisk. 

4. Pour the whole in a baking pan. Put it in the convection oven for about 12 min or 18 min in a traditional one.

For the Crème Anglaise:

1. In a medium pot, combine the milk and cream over medium heat. Add 90 percent of the sugar to the milk mixture and stir well. Increase the heat to high.

2. In a bowl, add the egg yolks to the remaining sugar and whisk to combine. When the milk comes to a full boil, remove from the heat and immediately pour the liquid into the eggs slowly while whisking well.

3. When all the milk has been added, immediately pour the mixture back into the original pot, off the heat. Stir for 5 seconds, then transfer to a container over ice. Cool. Strain as needed, then serve however desired.

    Ready to eat!


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